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Julius had finally told ___ a few days ago that she would be leaving, for good this time, but her family would be going with her.  Francis had agreed to hire them on as well.  ___ was relieved to hear that her parents would be going with her, but she was sad to leave both Feliciano and Lovino behind.  She had started to warm up to Lovino quite a bit since she had returned and she found it very difficult to keep her leaving a secret from them like Julius had asked.

"I know this is very difficult for you and I'm sorry to have to ask you this, but please, you can't tell Feliciano or Lovino that you will be leaving.  They will both be very upset, especially Feliciano.  I'm also sorry that I had to tell you last minute." Julius said with a heavy heart as he told ___ about his plans to send her away.

"What will you tell Feliciano and Lovino?" ___ asked.

"I will lie to them at first, tell them that you and your family went to take care of a sick relative, then after a few weeks, I will tell them that you found a job and won't be returning home.  It will break little Feli's heart, but I think it will be for the best." 

"What about Lovino?  He won't be very happy that you lied to him either." ___ asked.

Julius was a little surprised that she had shown concern for Lovino's feelings.  Perhaps he had underestimated Lovino's attempts to get her to warm up to him.

"Lovino will take it much easier than Feliciano, plus, he will be very busy with work and choosing a bride for himself." Julius said, giving a small smile.

"He's going to be getting married?" ___ asked, a little surprised by the news.

"Yes, it's been in the works for a while now, but, he's been having trouble choosing a bride he likes."

"I thought all those women had come to see Feliciano, the way he talked about them."

"Feliciano?  No, Lovino is the one who is getting married first.  He is the head of the family and needs to start thinking of continuing our family line."

"I got the impression Lovino had no interest in meeting any women, the way he talked, it sounds like he has not plans to get married at all in the near future." ___ replied, getting more and more upset by the news of Lovino possibly getting married, though she didn't understand why, she should be happy that his grandfather is trying so hard to find a suitable bride.

"As the next head of the family, Lovino has no choice.  If he can't choose a bride, I will have to choose for him and he will just have to live with my decision."

"But that's not fair!  Lovino has it hard enough as it is!  He has to run this family when you're gone, he has to take care of business and now, you're saying he has no choice in who he gets to spend the rest of his life with!  Does't Lovino get a say in anything in regards to his own happiness?  Nonno, you can't do that to him!  Let him at least make one decision for himself!" ___ said, her voice starting to raise, which caught Julius off gaurd.

"___, it is no concern of yours what happens to Lovino." Julius started, but was cut off by ____.

"It is too my concern!  Lovino is my friend and I care about him very much!  Just as much as Feliciano, I want to see him happy and nonno, he's not happy!  He's misserable!  All he wants is someone that will love him for him, not someone that is with him because they have to be.  You can't do that to Lovino!"

"That's enough!  You have no say what goes on in this family!  Lovino's future is none of your conern.  You are to go home and pack your things, you're leaving tomorrow!  Is that understood?" Julius said, raising his voice to ___, which he had never done before.

"But, nonno...."

"Is that understood?" Julius repeated, not giving ___ a chance to talk.

She said nothing, just stood up straight, trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall and ran from the office.

Alaric had been standing outside and heard the whole conversation.  He was quite surprised, as well, about her concern for Lovino.  It appeared that she wasn't afraid of him anymore, which Alaric was happy about, but sad at the same time.  He understood her concern for Lovino and it was valid. Alaric had seen them walking through the grape feilds, talking, on many different occasions, he had kept this little bit of information secret from Julius.  Even though Alaric new they had no future together, he knew deep down in his heart that it was good for Lovino to talk with her, explore his feelings for her a little.  Alaric wanted the two to have a future together, he was sure they could be happy together if they were given a chance.  By the way they were getting along, and after hearing ___ talk back to Julius, he was sure her feelings were starting to change towards Lovino.

Alaric had witnessed many times where Lovino had lost his temper with ___ and was surprised when she didn't flinch away or run from him.  He was surprised at the effect it was having on Lovino, he seemed to be much calmer and the happiest Alaric had ever seen him.  Alaric would often walk into the office to see Lovino staring out the window with a small smile on his face.

Giving Julius a few minutes to cool off after ___ ran from the office, Alaric finally entered.

"What is it Alaric?" Julius sighed, seeing his friend enter the office.

"You know she has a point?"

"Alaric, don't start.  I have made my decision and that's final."

"I know, but haven't you noticed a change in Lovino's attitude?  He seems to be happier, he's not as quick to raise his voice or get angry.  I don't know how many times I've walked in on him just staring out the window, daydreaming." Alaric gave a small smile at the thought of Lovino daydreaming.

"No, I haven't noticed."

Alaric just sighed, he was sure Julius had noticed the change in Lovino, everyone else on staff had.  Alaric knew Julius was lying, he had to, Julius knew this wasn't about Lovino, it never was and it never would be.  It was about the clan and what the clan wanted.  After the past few weeks of watching Lovino and ___, Alaric had hoped Julius would change his mind and let Lovino pursue her, despite the clan's wishes.

"Actually, I have noticed." Julius said with a defeated sigh.

"And it breaks my heart to have to do this to him, but what other choice do I have, Alaric?  If I go against the clan's wishes, I don't even want to think of what would happen.  You know I love both my grandson's and want nothing but their happiness for them."

"Yes, I know."

"Then what am I supposed to do?  Let Lovino continue to court her and just wait for the clan to find out?  Alaric, I know what they'll do to ___ and I hate to think of what they would do to Lovino.  As far as I can see, this is my only option to protect them both.  Once she's gone for a while, Lovino will begin to loose interest and move on, then perhaps I can get him to chose one of the girl's the clan has sent for him."

"All I can say, is that I'm glad I'm not in your shoes.  This is not a decision I would ever want to have to make.  But, if you need my help, you know I'm always here for you and will support you in any way I can."  Alaric said, giving Julius a small reassuring smile.

"Thank you my friend.  I don't know what I would ever do without you."  Julius said, returning Alaric's small smile.

After she left Julius's office, ___ ran straight home.

"____, honey, what's wrong?" Her mother asked as ___ ran right past her and straight to her bed.

"I don't want to leave mama!  I want to stay!"

"Oh, honey, I know you do.  I don't want to leave either, but this is going to be a wonderful oppertunity for our family.  Mr. Bonnefoy is a wonderful man, your father and I have met him on many occasions.  He is very kind."

"But, I'll have to leave Feli and Lovino, for ever this time!" ___ cried into her mother's shoulder.

"I don't think it will be forever.  I'm sure they'll come to visit you, Lovino for sure.  The Vargas family does a lot of trade with the Bonnefoy family, I can recall several trips that Mr. Vargas and Lovino had to go and see them."

"But I won't get to see them everyday like I do now."

"I know, but dear, you're growing up and not a child anymore.  It's time you start thinking about finding a husband."

"Oh mamma!" ___ continued to cry.

"I know honey, it's ok.  Everything will be fine, you'll see." (m/n) whispered as she comforted her daughter.

Once ___ had calmed down enough, her mother managed to talk her into helping her pack things up a little bit.  (f/n) came home while the two women were in the middle of packing.  (m/n) stopped to make dinner and once that was done, they started packing their belongings once again.  It was nice that they weren't having to take any furniture as Julius had informed them they would be moving into a home that was already furnished.  All they needed was their personal belongings.  Which wasn't much they realized once they had packed everything up in trunks.  In the morning Alaric would be by to help load everything in the cart and they would be off for the Bonnefoy household.
Italy!FamilyxReader ch 8 (Halloween story)
Happy belated Valentines day, my lovelies!!!  I meant to post this on Valentines, but sadly, I didn't get the chance to.  I hope you enjoy chaoter 8!!! :D

Next: in progress


Thu Nov 6, 2014, 10:05 AM

I am so excited and so happy!  I still can't believe it!  With the news I'm about to tell you, unfortunately comes with a little bad news as well.  It looks like I will be going in a hiatus, again or still.  The reason being is I have 2 cons that I need to prep for! New Con in Portland in January (I will be in the vendors hall) and, wait for it!!!!  The one I'm super duper more excited than I've been in a long time! I got int the Artist Alley at Sakura con in Seattle. That's the big one here in the Pacific Northwest. The thing that sucks about getting into Sakura con is it's cirst come, first serve. You litteraly have seconds to fill out the application and submit it.  Not sure how I did it this year, but I did it! & now I'm so excited and about to get insanely busy!  I will probably write as a distraction from crafting, but who knows how much.

I can't wait! Oh & if any of you have suggestions on things I can make, please, feel free to note me or something!  So excited!!!

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